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In the firm belief that electric vehicles are the future and that we can respond fantastically with our E-choppers, we enthusiastically founded Smart Wheelz in 2021.

Smart Wheelz B.V. is a wholesaler of electric vehicles. With this Smart Wheelz E-chopper we are not only entering the private sector, but we will also become a strong player in the leisure market.

The E-choppers can also be rented from our location in Goes for various occasions. This can include company outings, bachelor parties or touring in our beautiful surroundings with family or friends.

Of course we think it’s great that with our E-chopper we make an important contribution to a quieter, cleaner and more sustainable world. For the generation of now and the generation after us!

Thanks to our know-how in technology, our extensive, broad experience in this area and our innovative thinking power, we have been able to develop an E-chopper that stands for safety, technology and quality. To guarantee these important characteristics, our E-choppers are individually checked by our quality technician before delivery. Another additional aspect is that due to our stylish design with the striking colors, the
safety benefits, because our E-choppers stand out. So we are innovative in this as well.

Because…. Smart Wheelz stands for quality, durability, safety and service.

To guarantee an excellent service, we have developed the Smart Wheelz App, among other things. Here you can easily ask a question, make a service appointment and see real-time where your E-chopper is located.

Visit us to admire the Smart Wheelz E-chopper or take a test drive without obligation.

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